The Internationale

ahewar_logoHere is an arrangement of this truly revolutionary song, The Internationale, the original words by Eugene Pottier (1871), and music by Pierre De Geyter (1888). This arrangement in G major, for the Illawarra Union Singers, by Doug McPherson (2016) from an arrangement by Jerry Engelbach, (2001).

Sheet Music With Words: Latest version repeats last line.

Guitar Chords and Melody, (-Latest Version 2.8)
This contains the harmony in the introduction, and the final chorus.

Practice Tracks:  On a PC, right click on the title to download; on Android, click and hold.

Latest Version: 2.9


Chords and Melody -This doesn’t include any of the harmony.

Version Changes: This document details what changes may have been made from previous versions.

Some performances to guide and inspire: Firstly, Arturo Toscanini, himself a refugee from Fascist Italy, conducting a choir and orchestra, in a performance censored by the US government. Note the use of dynamics.

The Red Army Choir and Orchestra performs revolutionary songs rather well.

And, of course, who else but Pete Seeger:

And finally, the music in .jpg format.

Below,  is an earlier melody only version


Below is n earlier melody version with piano accompaniment.

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