Join Your Union: Simplified

Simplified Arrangement

Click here for a more complex arrangement.

The resources below are for an arrangement of John Warner’s song, with the Alto line the same as the Bass, except for the end of each phrase. The basses of course sing an octave lower. The tenor line is identical to the melody, except for a phrase at the end of the 1st line, and a phrase in the chorus.

Practice Tracks

Melody: Sung

Tenor: Sung

Alto: Sung

Bass: Sung

Alto: Instrumental

Bass Instrumental

Sheet Music


Melody Sheet Music
Portrait (pdf)
Landscape (pdf)

Simplified Tenor Sheet Music
Portrait (pdf)
Landscape, Larger, Easier to Read (pdf)

Simplified Alto and Bass Sheet Music
Portrait (pdf)
Landscape: Larger, Easier to Read (pdf)

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