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This is an arrangement of a song by ‘Dogmatic Music’, From  ‘Walk On’ Kit – Reconciliation Week, Sorry Day. The educational resource, to commemorate Sorry Day or Reconciliation Week, designed for schools can be purchased and downloaded here.
You can hear their excellent rendition of the song here.
You can find out more about Dogmatic Music and band members Paul McGee, Neil McCann, John Littrich and Sarah McCann here.

You can find out about John Littrich’s amazing folk band, the Water Runners here.

Many thanks to John Littrich for allowing the Illawarra Union Singers to use this song.

Sheet Music

This sheet music, arranged in 3 parts is adapted from the original Dogmatic sheet music.  In a mixed voice choir, the main melody marked alto in the score could be sung by altos and/or baritone voices. The line marked S for soprano, could be sung by sopranos and/or tenor voices. The bass line should be sung by basses.
Score, (All Parts)

Soprano (Upper Voices) (with piano fingering)

Alto (Main Melody, Middle Voices)


Practice Tracks

Good practice is to sing the part you are learning on its own, and then test your learning by singing it against the “All Parts” track.  These practice tracks contain a “click” track, to signal the tempo, and tempo changes in the coda.

Soprano (Upper Voices)

Alto (Main Melody, Middle Voices)


All Parts

The next practice tracks contain vocals, but no click track. They are only practice tracks, not recordings of performance quality.

Soprano (Upper Voices): Vocals

Alto (Main Melody, Middle Voices): Vocals (Sung with Baritone Voice)

Alto (Main Melody, Middle Voices): Vocals (Sung with “Alto” Voice)



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