Windy Gully

-A song by Wendy Richardson, remembering the Mount Kembla Mining disaster of July 1902.  Arranged by Doug McPherson, from a previous arrangement by Florence Rankin.

“She’s gone up!!” The shout could be heard across the mountain as the peaceful hamlets of Mt. Kembla were shattered by a loud explosion.!the-disaster/p99e1

Mount_Kembla_from_Mount_Nebo“Mount Kembla from Mount Nebo” by Grogan deYobbo 

Sheet Music: .pdf

Score: SATB






Practice Tracks

Melody: Sung
Sung by a tenor; ideally a mezzo-soprano, or even an alto would sing this.

Alto: Sung


Tenor: Sung


Bass: Sung


Soprano & Chords Piano; Alto, Tenor and Bass: Sung


Alto, Tenor & Bass: Sung


All Parts: Sung
Again, the melody part should really be sung by a female voice, an octave higher than in this recording.


The next lot of practice tracks are instrumental. Aside from the all parts track, the target voice in each practice track is played on a piano.

All Parts (Strings)















A suggested practice strategy is to practice your part on its own, and then against an “all parts” track. Right click on the titles to download the tracks.

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