I Come and Stand at Every Door

These lyrics from an original Turkish poem by Nazim Hikmet, English translation by Jeanette Turner were set to music by Pete Seeger in 1962, using music by James Waters, (“The Great Silkie”).

Pete sang the song in C, and later in life D. Choirs might usefully sing it in D or E. Note that the song is actually in the myxolidian mode, starting on the 5th note of the key signature.

Scroll down or click here for the latest version, Version 2.

Sheet Music: “D”

Practice Track in “D”

Practice Track in “E”


Version 2

This version has each verse written out, with music, words and dynamic markings. This arrangement, in particular the phrasing, is based on a live performance originally released on a 1964 album,  “I Can See A New Day”.

Sheet Music: D (.pdf format)

Sheet Music: E (.pdf format)

Practice Tracks

Key of E (Myxolidian Mode)

Key of D (Myxolidian Mode)

The Pete Seeger version this arrangement is based on:

Here’s Pete, just months before his death:

And a performance with the Irish Sands Family.


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