In My Shoes: A Song

a_syrian_refugee_and_her_newborn_baby_at_a_clinic_in_ramtha_jordan_9613483141Image by By Russell Watkins/Department for International Development, CC BY 2.0.

A song about the plight of refugees, asylum seekers, wanting to find sanctuary in Australia, by Marianne Tozer and Lyndon Piddington, with further arrangement by Doug McPherson.  The song is offered in two keys, Em and Fm. Fm is probably the best key for singing this song. The Em version might usefully be used by guitarists, using a capo on the 1st fret.  The cropped format offers the potential for a larger printout. Look for a print setting that says, “Fit”, or “Fit to printer margins”.

This song is part of the Illawarra Union Singers’ repertoire.

Sheet Music: All .pdf Format

In My Shoes 1.9 Melody & Tenor Harmony: Em
In My Shoes 1.9 Melody & Tenor Harmony, Cropped: Em

In My Shoes 1.9 Melody & Tenor Harmony: Fm
In My Shoes 1.9 Melody & Tenor Harmony, Cropped: Fm

Lyrics, Without Music

“Original” Sheet Music: SATB, Fm (Page Missing)

Practice Tracks (All in Fm)

Melody & Tenor Harmony With Short Introduction:
Melody Piano, Harmony Cello

Melody: Choir Ah Sound

Tenor Harmony: Choir Ah Sound

Notes on recent versions of the song.

Here is the sheet music in .jpg format, firstly in Fm:

In My Shoes Sheet Music, Page 1 FmIm My Shoes Sheet Music Fm page 2And in Em, for guitarists:

Im My Shoes Sheet Music Em Page 1Im My Shoes Sheet Music Em page 2

And, a performance, led by Sarah Lambert at the Thirroul Railway Institute hall in 2014.

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