Singing Exercises 3: “Tuning” The Voice

After making sure we are breathing correctly, and having warmed up our singing mechanisms, it’s time to tune the voice. Here we are going to begin to use the Kodaly Method,  developed by Zoltan Kodaly. Remember the Sound of Music?

The exercise below should be sung using the Solfege notes: “Soh, Me, Soh, Me, Soh, Me, La, Soh. Me.”  The European “Sol” is actually better for this, than “Soh”; it keeps the vowel, and therefore the throat and resonators more open.   If the exercise takes you higher or lower than you are comfortable singing, stop, but imagine the pitch of the notes in your mind. “Mental singing”.

Then repeat the exercise on vowel sounds.  A bright “ee”, is good to practice with, as is “or” as in “Gloria”.

Sing the exercise as a musical phrase, and try different volumes. Think of different emotions or experiences as you sing, and see how that can change the sound. By doing this we are connecting our inner selves to our voice.

Importantly, if the exercise on the practice track goes too high, or too low, drop out; don’t strain your voice.

Practice Track; To download:
On a PC, right-click the title and select “save as”.
On Android devices, press and hold the title.


Note that the Kodaly method uses a movable “Do” system, aiming at developing relative pitch, the ability to sing in tune in any key, as opposed to fixed “Do” systems.  See Solfège for more information.

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