Join Your Union: A Song

A song by John Warner ©John Warner 2006
Tune Hymn “Bread of Heaven”
“Guide me oh thou great Jehovah/Redeemer”
Welsh tune: Cwm Rhondda.
Composed by John Hughes (1873-1932).

Scroll down for lyrics, music and practice tracks.

See also the simplified arrangement of this song!

See John Warner’s website,, where you can find  John’s full set of lyrics for this and many other wonderful songs he has written.

Here is a recording of Margaret Walters,, and John Warner singing the song, in the key of A flat.

That key is a bit high for some choirs and singers.  Below are resources for an arrangement for the Illawarra Union Singers.  I’m suggesting either F for unison singing, or G for part singing.  The guitar  chords on the lyrics below are in the key of E, and would require a capo. Note also, the chords in the key of G on the sheet music, probably a better solution if the song is sung in G.  On a Windows computer right click on any title to download the related file. On Android press and hold.

Lyrics with Chords (pdf)

Lyrics with Chords (Word)

Practice Tracks

These are for the 4 verse and chorus arrangement,  with a one bar bridge before each verse, and a repeat of the last chorus.

F Major for Unison Singing

G Major for Part Singing

Melody: G Major

Alto: G Major

Bass: G Major 

Sheet Music: Click Title for PDF
Melody: Portrait
Melody: Landscape


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