The Price of The Coal: Climate Change

Here is an adaptation of a song written by Wendy Richardson. The original song focuses on the price of the coal in the context of the lives of the miners. This version of the song, with verses written by members of the Illawarra Union Singers, focuses on the price of the coal in terms of environmental costs.

The arrangement is in 2 parts, for higher and lower voices.

Sheet Music

Practice Tracks

Practice your own part, and then practice singing that part with the both parts track. Click here for instructions on how to save practice tracks from this site.

Upper Voice


Lower Voice


Both Parts

Here is the sheet music, in .jpg format:





The Appin Tragedy

The night of Tuesday, July 24, 1979, shook not only the small mining community of Appin but the entire Illawarra, with the region’s families dependent on their men going underground day after day (Cox 2009).  This song uses words from a poem by Sid Wright, and music written and arranged by Sarah De Jong. This arrangement, for the Illawarra Union Singers, has been transcribed with a couple of tweaks to the bass line, and guitar chords added, by Doug McPherson.

Sheet Music Gm: Score

This is the original key. To save room the unison parts are only written on the soprano/alto stave.

Soprano Part

Soprano & Drum Parts

Soprano & Alto Parts

Tenor Part

Bass Part

Sheet Music Em: Score

This should only be used by a guitarist, with a capo on the 3rd fret.

Sarah De Jong’s Original Sheet Music

Practice Tracks

In most instances, the practice tracks include an introduction, not written into the sheet music.



Melody, Sung with Drum Beat
-Sung by a tenor; not a soprano


Alto, Sung:

The sung parts are only where the alto differs from the soprano line.


Tenor, Sung


Bass, Sung


All parts: These tracks below use combinations of instruments representing the four vocal parts. It may be useful to learn your part and then sing it with the accompaniment of these instrumental parts, to test how well you have learnt the part. Of these two tracks, the string arrangement may be more in keeping with the spirit of the song.

All Parts: Woodwinds

All Parts: Strings

Lyrics: Syllables separated by hyphens

Here is the music in jpg format:

Notes on changes from previous versions of the song.

Cox, B, 2009 ‘Appin mine blast: a day that shook our world’, Illawarra Mercury, 23 July, viewed July 2 2019, <>

A Lament for Liberal Party Leadership

-Or lack thereof.

This song is based on a somewhat earlier song, “The Nonsense Song”, written at the height of Tony Abbott’s “leadership” of Australia.  This current song only has 3 verses, dealing with the 3 most recent Prime Ministers.

Sheet Music
Sheet Music (Cropped)
Scroll down for the sheet music, with performance notes in .jpg format.

Practice Tracks
Practice Suggestion: Practice your part, singing all the choruses of the song, with the practice track for your part.  Then practice your part against the “All Parts” track.

Chorus: All Parts, Sung


Chorus: Melody, Sopranos and Altos


Chorus: Tenors


Chorus: Bass


Verse and Chorus: Instrumental, Melody

Notes on versions of this song.

Lament for Manus Island

Image Source:

Click here, for the arrangement in parts:

This is a song I felt compelled to write in October 2017, aghast at Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers. The second verse of our national anthem has the lines,
“For those who’ve come across the seas,
We’ve boundless plains to share;”.

We should be more compassionate.

Here is a recording of the song. It’s far from a professional recording, but just something I put together in my kitchen.

Sheet Music

Lament for Manus Island 2ii

And finally, here is the song with a slideshow, uploaded to Youtube.

It’s Getting Really Hard to Sing Advance Australia Fair -Simpler Version

An older more complex arrangement of this can be found by clicking here.

The version below, 1.3, has the alto voices doubling the bass part, except for the ends of lines 4 and 5.  There is no tenor line, but there are descant notes in the melody line for the cadences, again at the ends of lines 4 and 5. These could be sung by a tenor and/or a soprano.

This   song is Keith Binns’ 2014 rewrite of the lyrics to Advance Australia Fair; a commentary on the xenophobia inherent in our current policy on asylum seekers arriving by boat.

Sheet Music

Key of Bb

SATB (Scanned “Original” Music)



Key of G: For Guitarist. Capo 3rd Fret for Bb



Practice Tracks

All Parts


Melody, (With Descant Cadences)


Walk On

This is an arrangement of a song by ‘Dogmatic Music’, From  ‘Walk On’ Kit – Reconciliation Week, Sorry Day. The educational resource, to commemorate Sorry Day or Reconciliation Week, designed for schools can be purchased and downloaded here.
You can hear their excellent rendition of the song here.
You can find out more about Dogmatic Music and band members Paul McGee, Neil McCann, John Littrich and Sarah McCann here.

You can find out about John Littrich’s amazing folk band, the Water Runners here.

Many thanks to John Littrich for allowing the Illawarra Union Singers to use this song.

Sheet Music

This sheet music, arranged in 3 parts is adapted from the original Dogmatic sheet music.  In a mixed voice choir, the main melody marked alto in the score could be sung by altos and/or baritone voices. The line marked S for soprano, could be sung by sopranos and/or tenor voices. The bass line should be sung by basses.
Score, (All Parts)

Soprano (Upper Voices) (with piano fingering)

Alto (Main Melody, Middle Voices)


Practice Tracks

Good practice is to sing the part you are learning on its own, and then test your learning by singing it against the “All Parts” track.  These practice tracks contain a “click” track, to signal the tempo, and tempo changes in the coda.

Soprano (Upper Voices)

Alto (Main Melody, Middle Voices)


All Parts

The next practice tracks contain vocals, but no click track. They are only practice tracks, not recordings of performance quality.

Soprano (Upper Voices): Vocals

Alto (Main Melody, Middle Voices): Vocals (Sung with Baritone Voice)

Alto (Main Melody, Middle Voices): Vocals (Sung with “Alto” Voice)



Share Our Country: Jacobs Ladder

Gerri Wood’s lyrics to an old hymn tune, pleading for compassion and understanding towards asylum seekers and refugees.

Download Sheet Music and Lyrics

All Parts





Download or Stream Practice Tracks:
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On Android Devices, Press and Hold to Download

Practice your individual part, and then practice your part against the all parts track.

All Parts





Share Our Country: Lyrics by Gerri Wood

Share our country, share our city
Share our country, share our city.
Share our country, share our city.
Come in peace today.

Join our hands and stand together, (3 times)
Come in peace today.

Compassion is the only way, (3 times)
Come in peace today.

We must speak for those who can’t, (3 times)
Come in peace today.

Let’s share our country, share our city
Share our country, share our city.
Share our country, share our city.
Come in peace today.

Download Lyrics Here (Word Document)

Download or View Lyrics (PDF)

Midi File of the Arrangement

Below is an earlier incarnation and performance of the song, this time with lyrics by Sarah Lambert: