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A Statement of Belief

Belatedly, On Easter:

“If ……  Easter does not move us to empathy with refugees, concern for the large and growing gap between rich and poor, and global warming, among other Common Good issues, then I suspect that our perception of God is too small.”

Rev. Dr Brian Brown, Moderater of the NSW Uniting Church.

Alberta Hunter: Historical Footage of A Black Lesbian in her Prime, from 1935

Doing some research for the queer radio show Pink Nation, that I’ve been asked to host on tomorrow, Monday, 5:00 PM, I came across this gem! Perhaps I should more politically correctly describe Alberta as African American, except that she spent substantial periods of her life in Europe, having first gone to Paris with her lover Lottie Tyler in 1927. -They had met sometime between 1915 and 1917.


For the Bentley Blockade: A Nonsensical Verse

Most of Australia is probably unaware that a peaceful battle against a mining giant is taking place in rural NSW as we speak. -And I mean an active battle.

A Verse for the Bentley Blockade, from Uncle Dougie’s continuing Nonsensical Song of Protest:

Metgasco wants mining at Bentley,
But the people united do not,
Sing strong and sing free, in 4 part harmony,
Metgasco must simply be stopped,

And it’s nonsense, nonsense, it sounds like a whole lot of rot to me,
With joy and with glee, let’s make clean energy,
Then the mining will definitely stop!

Agitate in August: (Was March in March, then Agitate in April), Verse of the Day

A pay rise for health-care workers, (naaah!)
Coz we know you all love your jobs,
And child-care for the rich, it costs more than a titch,
So the workers are still being robbed,

And it’s nonsense, nonsense, it all sounds like nonsense to me, to me,
And child-care for the rich, it costs more than a titch,
It all sounds like nonsense to me!


Agitate in April; “Nonsense Song”; Verse of the day:

Australia is getting much hotter, (It’s hot!)
But the government reckons it’s not, (It is!)
There’ll be no carbon tax, so our future’s been axed,
And it sounds like a whole lot of rot!

Well, it’s nonsense, nonsense, it sounds like A WHOLE LOT OF ROT to me,
Nonsense, nonsense, it sounds like A WHOLE LOT OF ROT!

Dougie is Not Happy! But Still Loves to Sing

Well, in general terms I am blessed with a goodly amount of happiness and contentment, joy and love, but in terms of the “state of the nation”, the nation being Australia, I am aghast at what is going on. The values being espoused and the actions perpetrated by our governments seem short-sighted, inequitable and inhumane.

What can I do about this? As a songwriter, I can write songs, and encourage the common people to sing.  To this end, look for “Agitate in April: The Verse of the Day”, on a regular basis on this site.  These are verses from a protest song, “The Nonsense Chorus”, loosely based on the traditional tune, “My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean”, itself a song of protest song and a lament, relating to the defeat and massacre of Scots, (including McPhersons), at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.  Bonnie Prince Charlie was exiled, (later to perish in France, “sodden with drink and disillusionment”).  Dissent against the dominant paradigm and culture, the rich and powerful was crushed.

One famous MacPherson, Ewan MacPherson, (who, aside from the interchangeable alternate spelling of the family name had the same name as my grandfather), cunningly managed to miss the battle of Culloden, and also fled in exile to France.  More heroically, he, also known as Cluny MacPherson and his clansmen had defeated the British and Hanoverian forces in an earlier battle.  But he may have been a bit of a rascal.  Cluny may have been responsible for making off with Spanish gold, smuggled into the west of Scotland to bank roll the Jacobite rebels.
Encyclopedia Britannica
The Great Scottish Clans

-But I perhaps, digress.

There will also be practice tracks from other tracks, arrangements and original, (or originally arranged), sheet music.

I am richly blessed with having a choir willing to sing some of my arrangements.