Music Arrangements & Practice Tracks Zlatko's Balkan Cabaret

Bolujem Ja / My Love is True


This is another great gypsy tune I’m arranging, at the moment for guitar and three voices.  It’s part of the repertoire of Zlatkos’ Balkan Cabaret

Practice Track: Alto, Tenor, Baritone
Practice Track: Alto, Tenor

Sheet Music: Alto, Tenor, Baritone
Sheet Music: Alto, Tenor

-And a practice performance, (some of which is in Serbian), from Zlatko’s Balkan Cabaret.

Coming Soon: Video of Zlatko’s Balkan Cabaret performing!

Here are a couple of performances from YouTube. Disclaimer: I hold no copyright on the performances below.

Klapa More – Bolujem ja

Extra Nena – Bolujem ja

Jelem Jelem Music Arrangements & Practice Tracks

Jelem Jelem: Arrangement for Two Voices and Guitar


My arrangement of Jelem Jelem:
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Gelem, Gelem is a song composed by Žarko Jovanović, often used as the anthem of the Romani people. The title has been adapted in many countries by local Roma to match their native orthography and spoken dialect of the Romani language.


 Up, Gypsy! Now is the time
Come with me Roma world
Dark face and dark eyes
Much as I like dark grapes

O Roma, O Romani youths!